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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Vision and Values




We promote an approach to Academy life based on our agreed set of 'core values':


equality - community - respect - responsibility - high expectations - achievement


What do these values mean in practice?

Equality - means giving all pupils the confidence to recognise their own worth, ensuring that all pupils have 'teacher time' and ensuring that their viewpoint is acknowledged.

Community - means supporting one another; showing pride in being a member of the Kingswood Secondary Academy and wearing the Kingswood Secondary Academy uniform to demonstrate a sense of belonging to that community.

Respect - means treating others as one would like to be treated, showing consideration and good manners, valuing each others' opinions and recognising each others' qualities.

Responsibility - taking responsibility for one's own actions and behaviour and recognising that there are consequences for everything one does.

High Expectations - means recognising the purpose and value of education and understanding the need for high standards of work and behaviour - always striving for the best.

Achievement - means being part of a culture where it is 'cool' to achieve; recognising and rewarding success - not just in academic terms but in all spheres.

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