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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Shine Alternative Provision

Welcome to the Shine provision here at KSA. We are Trust leaders in this area, and the model that we develop will be used across all of the Trust’s hubs. It is important that you know what is happening, as we are working hard to ensure that Shine pupils are the centre of a new initiative that will change the course of their lives.

Here are a few of the things you might like to know:

  • The students in the Shine Provision have been selected because they accrued more than 250 BP each from September to March of this year. In future, we will consider applications from Heads of Year for other pupils who reach the threshold despite intervention from pastoral and faculty teams. Eventually we will open this out to a Service Level Agreement to other settings who may apply in the same way the LA allocates to our DSP. As we grow, we will look at a KS4 provision, but for now the pupils have been taken from 7 and 8. Greenwood Academies Trust would like us to develop provision eventually at years 5 and 6 and as such, we will eventually evolve to be an independent provision with our own DfE number.
  • The unit staff is comprised of Gareth Thomas, Thea Marshall, Katie Kibble and Donna McAllister
  •  Shine pupils will study a broad and balanced curriculum including:
    • Maths
    • English
    • Science
    • PSHE
    • Humanities
    • PE 
  • Shine pupils will follow abridged versions of faculty plans, and contribute to school data at relevant assessment points
  • Shine pupils will have access to a therapeutic and resilience curriculum including:
    • Emotional literacy work - emotions, mental health, friendships, bullying, cyber bullying, sex, drugs, domestic violence, alcohol, etc.
    • Elements of behavioural work focussing on responsibility, sympathy/empathy, respect
    • Triggers, anger, anxiety/worries and tools to manage this
    • Art and craft activities -  particularly those based around talking
    • Cookery – when COVID regulations allow
    • Mindfulness reworked
    • Team activities
    • Circle time activities
    • Project work for example, a period of 4-6 weeks to look at the local food bank, or a charity and work towards supporting their community
    • One to one work including counselling and anger management
    • Maintaining the new school allotment
    • Restorative justice 
  • Shine pupils will start later, allowing the mainstream population to enter first, and will finish slightly earlier at the end of the day
  • Parent of shine pupils will attend a parents’ evening on a monthly basis to contribute actively towards their child’s BIP forms (Bespoke Intervention Plans)
  • Shine pupils will remain with the provision until the end of year 9. At this point, they will either graduate to mainstream for the remainder of their Secondary education or will be referred to CE Academy and removed from our roll
  • This is the only provision these pupils will be offered – at no point during the academic year will they return to mainstream lessons
  • Shine pupils will not be able to select GCSE options in Year 8, but will follow the unit’s programme of study when they return in year 9
  • There will be a significant emphasis on emotional, as well as learning recovery
  • Shine pupils will get the opportunity to earn their way into interform events in school and will be included in celebration evenings and rewards systems
  • Lunch will be delivered to the unit from the kitchen on a daily basis – this will consist of a cold packed lunch. Shine pupils will not be allowed to enter the main building for any reason unless accompanied by a member of the Shine team for a specific reason
  • Shine pupils will not go outside at break times either, instead they will be afforded the use of the common room we are allocating in the provision – instead they will eat their lunches family style, around a table, engaging in conversation and reflection – this will form part of the therapeutic approach
  • Police and outside agencies are being included in the development of the provision and will provide engaging workshops for Shine pupils – this is really important due to the behaviour of some of the cohort who are also either influential, or are part of influential families, in their own communities and this is intended to create and maintain positive links with authority, both in and out of the Academy. Relationships are key to the success of this unit
  • We welcome visitors to the unit and when our learning routines are settled, we would like to extend an invitation to come and visit us and see the work we are doing. We would ask this is prearranged as routines are vital to our work with these children
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