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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Internal Exclusion

The Academy has made the decision to slightly amend the exit times from our Internal Exclusion to bring more clarity and simplicity to the procedure.

If any student in the Academy accrues 3 behaviour points during a single school day, the normal sanction is for the student to then spend a period of time in Internal Exclusion reflecting on their recent poor behaviour. The Academy has made the decision that the time that a student will remain in Internal Exclusion is as follows;

If the student enters IE during registration, P1 or P2 they will stay either until the end break 1.

If the student enters IE during P3 or P4, they will stay until the end of break 2.

If the student enters IE during P5 or P6 they will stay in IE until 3.40pm.

If the student has been emergency on called for a situation which requires immediate removal from a classroom for either fighting, swearing or any other serious infringement of the Academy rules, the student will remain in Internal Exclusion until the incident has been investigated. We will endeavour to contact parents whenever possible. If you would like any further clarification please contact the Academy.

If the student accrues 6 or more persistent behaviour points, or 3 or more late marks in a week, they will attend a Friday detention until 4.10pm.

Parents can monitor their child's behaviour and academic progress through class charts at all times.