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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Humanities & MFL


The Humanities department incorporates the subjects of History, Geography and R.S. The combination of these 3 subjects means you will gain an understanding of people, the world they live in and their values. History looks at the things people have done in the past. We try to explain how and why they did those things. Geography looks at how people live in and use the environment around them in this country and abroad. Religious Studies looks at the variety of religious beliefs people have used to explain the world we live in. You will gain knowledge in Humanities as well as developing skills and opinions. Many of the topics are designed to help you form your own answers to problems that no one has yet solved.  In Humanities we always strive to make our lessons interesting using a variety of media (interactive white boards, lap tops, video clips, music, images etc.) We hope you enjoy working in Humanities.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

In this day and age it is more important than ever that students learn to speak a foreign language. Languages are a practical discipline where students should be allowed to develop the ability to use languages effectively for the purposes of communication. We also encourage positive attitudes towards the learning of foreign languages and to the speakers of that language and a sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations. Throughout our teaching we encourage students to work independently and as part of teams in varied activities. Modern Languages contributes to the basic core skills of ICT, reading, writing and speaking. We aim to employ teaching methods and resources that allow all students, irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin or academic ability to have equal access to the subject.

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