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Kingswood Secondary Academy

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Art at Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 (from Years 7 to 9) students undertake one 50 minute period of Art each week.  The aim is clear, to improve and develop students' understanding and experience of making art. The curriculum is designed to develop specific skills linked with artists to help them develop a visual literacy in Art. In Art students explore a range of media, techniques and processes such as, painting, drawing, collage and printmaking.

Homework - Throughout Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) students are encouraged to undertake a range of homework activities on a regular basis which are designed to reinforce and extend their studies in the classroom.

Assessment - Art students can expect to receive a Level which is consistent with the academy's current Assessment Policy which includes both verbal and written feedback.

GCSE Fine Art at Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11 GCSE art students are allocated a double (an hour and a half) and a single (50 minute) period of Art a week. Over the length of the course they will complete two two topics; ‘Identity’ in Year 10 and one related to a previous exam paper in Year 11. In Year 10 students are encouraged to explore a variety of materials, processes and techniques following ideas initiated by their teacher. Throughout Key Stage 4 students will follow the specification for Pearson (Edexcel) GCSE Fine Art and Design.

Coursework - During Year 10 students can expect to be directed by the teacher and encouraged to develop a variety of skills related to making Art.  However, in Year 11 emphasis will be placed on students’ taking ownership for their ideas and collecting their own resources. They can expect to improve and develop their skills while showing they can make links with artists and demonstrate an understanding of the Formal Elements in Art e.g. Line, Tone, Form, Shape, Colour, Texture and Pattern.

Homework - Students will be expected to undertake at least two hours (usually much more) in addition to their allocated art lessons completing homework tasks and/or extending and finishing work started during the lesson.

Assessment - Students’ can expect to be assessed on a regular basis according to the academy Assessment Policy this will include verbal and written feedback.  

Art in the Sixth Form Art

In the Sixth Form, Art students will be timetabled five (50 minute) periods of Art a week. In Year 12/13 they follow a two year AQA GCE A Level Fine Art course. In Year 12 students develop and extend their skills and work towards an internal Mock AS Art Exam at the end of Year 12.  While in Year 13 they undertake two units: The Portfolio Unit (60% of the final grade) and a 15 hour Timed Exam Unit (40% weighting of the course).

From Year 12, Art students’ are directed by their teacher to develop ideas and study a range of artists while developing their visual literacy. While in Sixth-form art students will be guided to explore materials, processes and techniques that should demonstrate an understanding of the Formal Elements in Art. At this level of study, Art students should be working with increased independence and beginning to learn to develop a visual language that sensitively and thoughtfully supports their intentions in Art. Within this programme of study Art students might find themselves working in the following disciplines; Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed-Media and Textile processes/techniques. It is expected that students will use at least three of their 'free' lessons or more to extend their studies.