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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Course Information

Key Stage 3 - Year 7-8

In year 7 you will be taught a thematic course which covers History, Geography and Religious Education. You will learn about Corby, the UK, and current Global Issues. The focus for learning will be on Oracy. In year 8 you will continue to be taught a thematic course covering History, Geography and Religious Studies. You will learn about Rights and Responsibilities, Conflict and Health & Disease. The focus for learning will be Literacy.

Key Stage 4: Year 9/10/11

We follow the AQA A specification for GCSE.

Students study 6 topics, 3 human and 3 physical. They study the 6 units over the 2 years. Students will also carry out two pieces of compulsory fieldwork visits to collect data and complete a controlled assessment worth  25% towards the final GCSE grade. The units chosen for study are:

Living with the Physical Environment - the Challenge of Natural Hazards; the Living World and Physical Landscapes in the UK

Challenges in the Human Environment - Urban Issues and Challenges; the Changing Economic World and the Challenge of Resource Management

Each exam in 1.5 hours.

Please click here for an Overview of KS4.

Key Stage 5: Year 12 -13 Specification

From 2016 we will be studying the linear A2 course.

Year 12 – Water and Carbon Cycles; Changing Places; Hazards; Fieldwork

Year 13 - Coastal Systems and landscapes; Global systems and Global Governance; Population and Environment; Fieldwork and Controlled Assessment

Geographical Skills: Two pieces of compulsory fieldwork, conducting, analysing, concluding and evaluating the data and information they have been able to collect.