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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Consultation of Saturday Morning Detentions

We are consulting on the use of Saturday morning ‘correction’ sessions (detentions where behavioural reflection and improvement work is completed) being issued to students who repeatedly disrupt the learning of others.

These sessions would be run by senior leaders within the Academy. Where the normal and established sanctions, detentions and internal exclusions for example, have been tried with no improvement forthcoming then a Saturday morning session will be issued. Notice will be given to parents but attendance will be compulsory. Students will need to arrive on the Saturday morning at 8.40am in full Academy Uniform with their bag and learning equipment i.e. pen, pencil, ruler, planner and calculator. The correction session would last between an hour and 2 hours. We would hope that parents escort students to the session but appreciate that this may not always be possible. However, the responsibility for students attending remains with students and parents. Refusal to attend said sessions would lead to an exclusion from the Academy, fixed term in the first instance but repeat offenders could face permanent exclusion.

Guidance from the DfE/Government states the following:

Good schools will have a range of disciplinary measures clearly communicated to school staff, pupils and parents. These can include:

• Detention including during lunch-time, after school and at weekends.”

The Academy is committed to recognising and rewarding positive behaviour, but equally to stamping out the negative behaviour of the few that detrimentally affects the learning of others. If you wish to express your views on this proposal then please email  Mr A Burton - Principal